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2023 - 2024 Bus Routes

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Bus Rules

Students are responsible for their behavior while they are on the school bus; it is an extension of the school system. Students who violate established school bus rules will be reported, and disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with established procedures.

Students with special education needs are expected to conform to these rules and are subject to the same disciplinary actions as other students unless specifically excluded by an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Parents or guardians are expected to explain to their child(ren) the importance of proper behavior on the bus. Parents or guardians are also expected to support disciplinary actions that are necessary to help their child change his/her behavior.

To ensure the safety of our youngest riders (students in 4 and 5 year old kindergarten), a parent/guardian or designee must meet their child at the bus stop. If no one is at the stop, the driver will inform the bus company via radio, the school will be contacted, and the child will be returned to the appropriate school.

The bus driver is in complete charge of the bus and the students on the bus. The driver may assign permanent seating assignments. The driver will report rule violations to the proper authority on the form provided.

Bus riding is a privilege, not a right. Students will be denied this privilege if it is abused.

I. Prior to boarding the bus:

  • At all bus pick-up areas, students are expected to behave appropriately and stay off private property.
  • Students will stay in a safe place until the bus stops to load students.

II. Bus transportation rules:

  • Students will not be insubordinate. (If a student disagrees with the driver's instructions, he/she may inform the school Principal upon his/her arrival at school or to his/her parent or guardian upon arrival at home.)
  • Students will not assault others. Assault for these purposes is defined as hitting, kicking, fighting, biting, pushing, or any other unwanted physical contact.
  • Students will not throw objects in or out of the bus.
  • Students will not spit.
  • Students will not possess any form of weapon, tobacco, alcohol, or other drug.
  • Students will not vandalize the bus or the property of others. This includes taking someone's property.
  • Students will not obstruct the aisles. This includes obstructing the aisle with feet, elbows, band instruments, and backpacks while people are loading or unloading.
  • Students will not hang their hands, head, or items outside the bus.
  • Students will remain seated at all times when the bus is in motion. Seated for these purposes is defined as the student's back is against the seat back and their bottoms against the seat bottom.
  • Students will not tease others or take part in "name-calling".
  • Students will not use profanity.
  • Students will not eat or drink on the bus. Students are expected to keep the bus clean.
  • Students will speak at normal "inside" voice levels and will not yell or make loud noises.

 III. Consequences of rule violations:

  • First Offense: The driver will inform the student of the infraction and instruct him/her in proper school bus conduct.
  • Second Offense: The driver will hold a conference with the student identifying the infraction, and complete a school bus behavior report. Copies of the report will be given to the school official and mailed to the student's parent or guardian.
  • Third Offense: The driver will hold a conference with the student, identify the infraction, and complete a school bus behavior report. Copies of the report will be given to the parent or guardian and the school official. The office will contact the student's parent or guardian to review the infraction and may suspend the student's bus riding privileges for up to five days if the behavior report is factual. The student and his/her parent or guardian must attend a conference with the school office before riding privileges will be reinstated.
  • Fourth Offense: The procedure outlined above shall be followed and will include a period of suspension of bus riding privileges. The case shall then be presented to the school office for review and may include a recommendation for revocation of bus riding privileges in excess of five days.
PARENTS: It is very helpful if you make sure that your elementary students have their name and address in their school bags or backpacks. Also, if your child attends a daycare, or goes to a sitter in the afternoon, be sure that is communicated with your school & bus company.

For the first couple of weeks of school, please have your children at their bus stop 10 minutes early, as the times on the routes are all approximate and subject to change due to new students or students who may have moved during the summer. Please be patient for the first couple of weeks. You should know your exact schedule by then, but we ask that your child be ready and at the stop early.

IMPORTANT: Due to the importance of sticking to schedule & ensuring that students arrive on time, it is impossible for the busses to wait for children eating breakfast or getting dressed. Finally, we ask that once your scheduled stop time is set that you send your child out five minutes early so that our buses stay on schedule. Thank you for your cooperation and have a safe and happy school year.

Please contact Dousman Transportation Company at (262) 248-3289.
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